macOS Installation for Apple Administrators

The guide for “post-imaging” deployment of macOS High Sierra.

With the introduction of macOS High Sierra Apple and Secure Boot on the iMac Pro has profoundly changed the workflows for installing and deploying macOS on a large scale. In addition new technologies and services like MDM, DEP and VPP need to be configured and used correctly.

This books explains all the different terms, services and technologies and suggests workflows for Administrators to deploy and manage macOS High Sierra in education, business, enterprise and other organizations in this new “post-imaging” world.

You can get a sample chapter from the iBooks Store or in this post.

Table of contents:

  • History and Changes
    • Imaging is Dead
    • New in High Sierra
    • Tools and Terminology
  • macOS Installer Application
    • The Install Application in Detail
    • Installing the Installer
    • External Installer Drives
    • Automated Installation
  • Recovery
    • Booting to Recovery
    • Recovery Utilities
    • Recovery Command Line Tools
  • NetInstall
    • NetBoot, NetInstall and NetRestore
    • Build a NetInstall Set
    • Custom NetInstall Workflows
  • Deployment Strategies
    • Strange New World
    • Installation with DEP
    • Manual Installation
    • Sideloading Packages
    • Restoring macOS
    • Upgrading to High Sierra
    • Is Imaging all Dead?

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