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I had previously posted about one of my oldest but still frequently used scripts which gathers all tabs from a window into a text list to be pasted in an email or something like that.

I have recently adapted that script to do something new. This new script will gather the tabs in the frontmost Safari window and create a note in the Notes app with all the links (then, presumably, you would want to clean out and close most of the tabs)

Also I learned that the Safari tabs from all your Macs and iOS devices are stored in the `~/Library/SyncedPreferences/` and extended the script to read that instead of grabbing them directly from Safari:

To use it is probably easiest to enable the Script menu (in Script Editor > Preferences) and drop the scripts in the `~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Safari` folder.

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7 thoughts on “Copy all Safari tabs to”

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this, it’s exactly the script I needed.

  2. What would I need to do to adapt this script to paste into any application like Mail or OneNote as opposed to opening Notes and creating a new folder?

    I’d like to use TextExpander to run the Applescript and just pull the tabs as links and paste them wherever I need.

      1. Thanks for replying. I came across that post as well but need the formatting of the one that creates a new Notes folder.

        Titles with hyperlinks instead of URL pasted below the title.

        I need the same function (pasting the list) from the other post but the formatting for output of this one.

  3. Where do I paste the script please?

    Also will this work with my iPhone?


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