Philips Hue bulb on sale

I have been dabbling with some home automation recently. I believe it makes more sense to control the light switches directly, rather than the individual bulbs. However, I have yet to find a system that has the longevity and availability in Europe that I expect from something that I would pay hundreds of Euros for.

Until I find that system I have put in a few Philips Hue White bulbs in strategic spots in the house. It is very cool when you pull up to the driveway and tell Siri to turn on the front light… Or dim the hallway lights when you are carrying stuff.

The prices for individual bulbs have dropped on Amazon yesterday. This may mean that an upgrade is imminent, but since the current bulbs work fine and work well with HomeKit  and Siri in iOS 9 and 10. This is a good chance to stock up on some units:

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