Get an Icon for your Mac

A few weeks ago I had a post about getting the “Marketing Name” for a Mac.

At that time I was also trying to get an icon or image file for the current Mac model, but could not find a way to do it.

Since then I have found that the AppKit framework provides a method to get an image for the Mac.

[NSImage imageNamed: NSImageNameComputer] # Objective-C

NSImage(named: .computer) # Swift

To get this image data into a file requires some passing through other classes. However, this is possible in Python on macOS. (I had some trouble, but figured it out with some help in the MacAdmins Slack #python channel, thanks!)These are the posts that were recommended reading or watching:

In case you need an image file for the Mac, here is the code. It will generate a 512px image for the current Mac. The two lines you may want to change are line 7 for the size of the image and line 16 for the filename.

Update: improved version here (not by me)

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