Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-08-17

Days are getting shorter, summer is starting to wane, and the Apple System release date is getting closer and closer.

Apple released new betas and finally updated the MDM and Configuration Profile References, leaving MacAdmins little time to test and file bugs to be fixed. MacAdmins took to Twitter to complain.

Also Twitter finally turned off many API features, thus crippling third party Twitter apps TweetBot and Twitteriffic.

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macOS Mojave

MacAdmins on Twitter

  • Objective-See: “Announcing ”Objective by the Sea“ a new Mac Security Conference: Nov 3rd/4th in Maui Hawaii @ the stunning Wailea Beach Resort Talks by @thomasareed @iamevltwin @patrickwardle @rrcyrus @jbradley89 & more! …and free for Objective-See patrons”
  • Federico Viticci: “Nice to see a new Shortcuts beta on Aug. 10th”
  • Guilherme Rambo:
    “They AirPlay2’d Group FaceTime…”
  • Erik Gomez: “Apple releases MDM changes on beta 7 and asks for feedback/regression testing. The reports wont be fixed in 10.14.0. Remember when you warned people to get tickets in before beta 2 to ensure they make it into the GM? These changes should be delayed to the Spring Release”
  • Erik Gomez:
    “#macadmin #macadmins – if you’re interested in testing some important changes coming to Mojave, please join the #tcc channel on macadmin’s slack Also here is a google doc for tracking this, much like we did with kexts/32-bit apps https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sai3Q8qj9HdyDJfcSAchRELD0mOpik1NPYxr0F9AJRc/edit#gid=0”
  • Tim Sutton: “If you would ever like the automated creation of a macOS Mojave system image to be possible – (asr imaging or creation of VMs via vfuse or similar).. you may want to dupe Mike’s rdar quoted below, and/or mine: http://www.openradar.me/radar?id=5004136198176768”
  • Per Olofsson:
    “I posted a new beta of AutoDMG with a couple of Mojave workarounds”
  • mikeymikey: “Honestly – between you and me – with what this bug does and what beta 7 just added, 10.14 feels like it’s shaping up to be “10.13 Part 2” / “The Revenge of 10.13” for #macadmins”
  • William Smith: “New installs of Office for Mac 16.16 (this month’s release) and higher will install Microsoft AutoUpdate 4.2. Going forward, it will default to Automatically Download and Install. #MacAdmins, if you need to manage this, the best method is use a configuration profile.…”
  • Rich Trouton:isnetbootdead.com

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