Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-08-24

As we are getting closer and closer to the iOS 12 and Mojave release, more information is being released and discovered.

Mojave will disable Find-My-Mac, so the application Screens from Edovia has been “reverse Sherlocked!”

Scripting will become much harder for MacAdmins with the new privacy controls in Mojave.

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  • Thomas Reed: “There appears to be an issue in macOS where removing the ‘restricted’ flag from /Library/StagedExtensions/ causes installation of kernel extensions to always fail.”
  • Guillaume: “If you’re part of a IT or security team managing Mac, make sure you watch at least one of these talks before every Mac out there has a T2 Chip! https://t.co/1MGo5zqPk1 by @gregneagle And https://t.co/kIdpnP5xwh by @grahamgilbert”
  • Laurent Guigo:
    “after .local now .dev extension not enable for localhost develop built in server (no ssl)”

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