Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-09-28

TGIF! How have you survived Mojave week?

This one is a bit shorter, because (a) I already posted a summary with Mojave links earlier this week, and (b) I am getting ready to leave for MacSysAdmin in Gothenburg next week!

Looking forward to meeting everybody else there!

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  • Stephen Hackett:
    “macOS Mojave has been added to the Aqua Screenshot Library. Both Light and Dark Mode have been catalogued, as has every combo of mode and accent color possible.”
  • Carl Ashley:
    “This is why TCC User Consent is rubbish. Launch VMware Fusion Pro 11, get prompted to allow ”osascript“ access. I have NO idea what Fusion wants to do & I don’t know that it’s actually Fusion wanting to do something. Dug into the app, it’s deleting a Login Item.”
  • mikeymikey:
    “Ooooo…. that’s new Neat… ” (screenshot)
  • Scripting OS X:
    “I really like the new screenshot interface in macOS Mojave. I think it is a great improvement. But decades of habit using ⌘⇧3 and ⌘⇧4 are hard to break. Might have to go to the drastic measure of deactivating the old keystrokes.… ”

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