Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2019-02-15

Lots of interesting posts this week.

But most interesting for MacAdmins fighting with SecureToken, read Rich Trouton’s two posts which might help you get out of situations that were so far considered dead ends.

MacRumors points to the week of June 3 for WWDC this year (no big surprise) and Bloomberg (the other Mac rumors site) points to March 25 for a ‘subscription service’ event. Since MacADUK starts on March 26, this event could lead to some last minute slide shuffling.

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  • Kyle Crawford: “Why does Apple need a sysdiagnose for a feature enhancement? Don’t they know the features of their own software? startosinstall should warn if Internet connection is needed before running. How is a having a sysdiagnose going to add any value?”
  • Jordan Rose: “Command-line tip: sftp -a is a mostly drop-in replacement for scp that allows resuming an interrupted download.”
  • Mike Boylan: “TIL about the “HP Easy Admin” tool. If you’re a school, large org, or enterprise and are looking for the HP driver package for a printer v the home/single-use Easy Setup app, you can use Easy Admin to go get the pkg-based driver installer to be used at scale.”
  • Graham Pugh: “The clear and reliable world of DEP enrollment…” (click to see full tweet)
  • Graham Pugh: “Regex of Mojave-compatible Mac model identifiers: ^(iMac1[3-8]|iMacPro|MacBook[8-9]|MacBook10|MacBookAir[5-7]|MacBookPro9|MacBookPro1[0-5]|MacMini[6-7]|MacPro[5-6])

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