Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2019-04-05

Since I assemble and publish this news summary on Friday mornings (European Time), I sometimes just miss interesting news dropping on Friday afternoon in US. Usually, Friday afternoon news in bad news for the organisation releasing it.

Exactly this happened last Friday. After two weeks of seemingly non-stop releases, on Friday afternoon Apple cancelled the AirPower charging mat which was pre-announced at the iPhone X event in September 2017.

On the other hand, a different pre-announcement made at WWDC last year was fulfilled this week. BBEdit is back in the Mac AppStore! (No secret that BBEdit is my favored text editor, I wrote a bit about why last year.)

Also, the email version of this summary broke through 500 subscribers! Thank you all! (And keep spreading the word.)

We also got a lot of great posts with helpful advice from various MacAdmins. As usual a huge thank you to everyone who so willingly shares their experience.

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  • MacDeployment YYC: “Last night at our MacDeploy Meetup, we were pleased to announce our plans for this year’s Conference, June 10–11 here in #yyc. 1/” (Thread)
  • Nigel Kersten: “I don’t think I’ve ever really told the story on Twitter about the time Steve Jobs sent me a polite but dismissive email and then proceeded to make my life at work rather hellish.” (Thread)
  • Eric Holtam: “Munki admins: Apple SUS update testing requested.”
  • Libbi Garret: “Do you use Apple School Manager? Great News! Our amazing F3 Legal Council has worked with Apple Edu and determined that ASM is FERPA & Ed Code 49073.1 (AB1584) compliant! You can view/download the letter and terms on our CETPA page studentprivacy.net
  • Eric Holtam: ‘VMWare Fusion needs a feature to say “Snapshot on the next reboot because I’m going to forget and waste hours of prep time”’
  • Tim Perfitt: “Work is progressing on #MDS 1.6. You can specify variables when creating workflows that causing techs to get prompted and the values are passed to your scripts. This is so awesome you might need to sit down for a bit.”
  • Rene Ritchie: “Apple has dropped its #HomePod price to US$299 (down from US$349). Similar cuts internationally.”
  • Suzana Ilić: “This is really neat! You take a screenshot of an equation, it gives you the LaTeX code, you can directly modify in the taskbar, copy, paste, done. mathpix.com

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