Learn Scripting at Pro Warehouse!

I am really excited about this!

Pro Warehouse is extending their services with training for Mac IT specialists. We call it the ‘Pro Academy.’ As part of that, we are going to offer two-day Scripting macOS classes!

The first class is “Introduction to Scripting macOS.”

The point of this class is to overcome the first hurdles of a very daunting and complex topic. You will learn the basics of bash scripting (and debugging). The goal you can start scripting and gain experience on your own, without getting into too much trouble. The class is designed specifically for Mac adminstrators, so most of the examples and exercises will have direct application for Mac system management. You will learn both scripting and some useful adminstration tools.

Later, we will also offer an “Advanced Scripting macOS” class, that builds on the first, which will go deeper and address more complex topics.

The Scripting classes are designed and held by myself. I do have to thank the entire team at Pro Warehouse for the amazing effort everybody put in to make this happen.

The Scripting classes (and our other management classes) will be offered in our new training facility at the Pro Warehouse offices in Amsterdam! Classes will be offered in English, so international participants are welcome!

Register here!

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

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