Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2019-05-31

Between Memorial Day in the US, Ascension Day in parts of Europe, and WWDC looming next week, this was a quiet news week.

Apple did have one more thing to get out before WWDC: the iPod touch was updated with the A10 processor.

Now, only the Mac Pro remains as a device that has not been updated in the last two years. (MacBook barely makes the two years limit with its last update in June 2017.)

In other news, the first “Scripting macOS” class took place this week. The attendees (and I) believe it went really well! You can still sign up for the next class here. If the next date doesn’t suite you, please use the contact form and let us know when you would like a class. We will be scheduling additional classes soon and your input will be considered.

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  • Graham Pugh: “IBM SPSSStatistics 26 still needs Java installed in order to get installed on Mac, but installs a JRE as part of the installation. How hard would it be to put the JRE in the installer itself?”
  • Timo Perfitt: “Right Click->Open to Install?… ” (Click for image)
  • Tom Bridge: “So, I’ve spent a little time with Mosyle + Google SSO + DEP tonight, and I gotta hand it to the team at @mosyle_biz : That’s a helluva beta. I can see that being HIGHLY useful.”

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