Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2019-09-27

Another week of releases. We got iOS 13.1, iPadOS and tvOS. Also a misnumbered Supplemental Update for macOS Mojave.

There was also the interesting incident of the Google Updater process that deletes the /var symbolic link, which shows how quickly the MacAdmin community can come together and solve an issue. Great work, everyone!

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  • Graham Pugh: “IBM have issued a hotfix for SPSSStatistics 26 silent installer so that it works with recent JDKs (11+). Check your support channels for ”Interim Fix IF007“. IF006 also updates the JRE that gets installed.”
  • Tim Perfitt: “In an unexpected turn of events, I am now releasing Imagr builds: https://t.co/o80PeR2GMO”
  • CarrickDB: “Every stack overflow answer about bash: Answer 1: Use ${VAR}:$_!% Comment 1: No, it’s _$${}VAR!$$ Comment 2: No, it’s [[{$VAR} == !*%&#$*#)#]] comment 3: No, it’s #&$!@[&#”[$^$#]@“?$(#$)&&=‘$_$&*’]($&)@:””
  • Harald Monihart: “We have more people running macOS 10.15 seeds @SAP than versions that are older than 12 months. Kudos to @lauraroesler for leading the macOSCatalina readiness and @laxthxdude for a great security and compliancy framework that motivates users to keep their Macs up to date”
  • Guilherme Rambo: “Approve sudo with Apple Watch on Catalina with this handy plug-in. https://t.co/KQWIaBB3Vb (via @NSBiscuit) https://github.com/biscuitehh/pam-watchid”

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