Update: desktoppr v0.3

I have posted an update for desktoppr. You can download it from the repository’s releases page.

This update adds two new verbs; scale and color.

Image Scaling

You can use scale to control how the desktop pictures are scaled. I have matched the options to the options in the Desktop preference pane:

  • fill: scale the image up or down so that it fills the entire screen (this is the default behavior)
  • stretch: stretch the image non-proportionally along both axes to fill the screen
  • center: show the image in the center in the original size
  • fit: scale the image up or down so that all of the image is shown
> desktoppr scale center

Background color

The center and fit options for image scaling may result in the desktop picture not fully covering the entire desktop. You can then control the background color with the color verb. The color verb takes a single hex coded color (as in web colors) (no leading # required):

desktoppr color 000000      # black background
desktoppr color FFFFFF      # white background
desktoppr color FF0000      # red background

Future of desktoppr

This tool has always been meant to be a simple ‘one-trick-pony.’ The option to control the image settings has been nearly since I published the first version. I am glad I have finally gotten around to implementing it.

I have learnt a lot about Swift since I first built this tool. When I look at the code now, I want to re-write the entire thing from scratch. I’d also like build better argument parsing. However, it does what it is supposed to do and if I rewrote it now it would probably change the syntax, breaking other people’s workflows

I don’t expect the tool will need updates, other than when it has to adapt to future macOS updates, but we will see.

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