Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2020-06-12

WWDC is looming! We got a bit more detail on the schedule for the first day (June 22). over the following week, Apple will release recorded sessions each day at 10am Pacific Time. Talk about an ‘info dump!’ There will also be ‘1–1 Developer labs’ which you can sign up for and new Developer forums (fora?) which go online June 18.

The rumors are running hot with Mark Gurman all but confirming the ARM transition for Macs to happen over the next year, and a new iMac design.

Apple has also announced the demise of iBooks Author and iTunes U. Neither comes as a great surprise, since both have been very much abandoned with only minimal updates over the last few years.

Don’t be concerned about the future of my books. I had already switched to Pages for ‘Moving to zsh’ and the next book I am working on. Once Apple offers the import function, I will move and update the older books to Pages as well. Even so, the existing books in the Apple Books Store will remain there to be bought and read, even after iBooks Author has ‘expired.’

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MacAdmins 2020 Campfire Sessions

These are the slides and notes for yesterday’s session. The recorded videos of my and William Smith’s session ‘An Introduction to regex’ will be made available soon.

Last week’s sessions’ recordings are now available:

You can still register for the upcoming sessions. You can see the schedule here.

WWDC 2020

macOS Catalina 10.15 and iOS 13 Updates

MacAdmins on Twitter

  • Mr. Macintosh: “WWDC20 only 2 weeks away! I will be reporting again live with a new 10.16 Need to Know Changes Article. The page will be a perfect bookmark for all the latest info.” (Thread)
  • Seamus Johnson on LinkedIn: “Happy 18th Birthday Jamf!” (read post for more)

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