Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2020-10-02

Another very busy week. (But aren’t they all?)

The Mojave Supplemental Update was pulled and re-released, Jamf continues buying interesting people and technology, and we got macOS Big Sur beta 9 with a feature/fix that MacAdmins have been clamoring for.

Virtual JNUC 2020 was on and had some great sessions. If you have registered you can (re-)view the sessions in the portal for three more weeks and then they will be moved to the Jamf YouTube channel. Thanks to everyone who presented a session, I have not been to watch the all (not even close) but will try to over the next few weeks. Thanks also, to everyone who watched my session live and for all the kind feedback I have already gotten. You can find the slides, notes and links for my session here.

Don’t fall into the post-conference slump just yet, because MacSysAdmin Online will be next week!. Participation is free, but you can still support the team by buying the MacSysAdmin Online T-Shirt, which will also enroll you in an exclusive giveaway raffle.

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  • Steve Hayman: “Your grep one-liner du jour. Count how many words of each length appear in the /usr/share/dict/words dictionary. for n in $(jot 25); do printf "%2d letter words: " $n; grep -E "^.{$n}\$" /usr/share/dict/words | wc -l; done” (Thread)

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