Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-02-12

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  • Mr. Macintosh: “Just because you can update the DTK to 11.3 Beta, doesn’t mean you should. Upgrading to 11.3 will disable both USB-A ports with firmware update 6723.100.321. You can downgrade to 11.2 using AC2. Once back on 11.2, USB-A will work again. fw = 6723.81.1”
  • Steve Hayman: “Well, ok. So, officially I was shayman@next.com. The boss was of course sjobs@next.com . There were 8 Steves at the company at the time… .” (Thread)
  • Mr. Macintosh: “macOS Apple Silicon M1 Restore Database Updated! Big Sur 11.2.1 IPSW restore file is now available. UniversalMac_11.2.1_20D74_Restore.ipsw Quick Note: 11.0.1 was still signed as of last night.”
  • Victor: “FYI: Many macOS MDM profiles are “single use” and have no effect after they’re installed. This is especially true of profiles introduced in recent years like system extension/privacy approvals etc.” (Thread)

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