Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-03-05

Jamf is opening the registration for the virtual JNUC 2021! They are also calling prospective speakers to submit their proposals.

Because I was curious what the status of the various Mac Admin conferences was this year, I put together a list.

The list is for information only. I do not intend to shame or pressure any of the organziers of these conferences, no mattter what the status of their conference is. These are harrowing times for organizing anything, let alone a conference. My deepest thanks and respect to anyone who puts together any form of conference or meeting.

Registration open

Not certain yet

Please let me know if missed something and I will update it next week!

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News and Opinion

macOS and iOS Updates

MacAdmins on Twitter

  • Mr. Macintosh: “macOS Big Sur 11.2.2 (20D80) Full Installer is now available.”
  • Wil Shipley: “Honestly if you’re distributing software that requires me to have either python or cmake (or, worse, both cough openCV) you’ve failed everyone. Anyways, the next couple hours I’ll be upgrading python and downloading modules, because that’s a fun game that I love playing.”

Security and Privacy

Support and HowTos

Scripting and Automation

Apple Support

Updates and Releases

To Listen

Just for Fun


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