News Summary for Admins — 2021-10-22

We finally got those Apple Silicon based MacBooks Pro this week. And they do look very nice! You have probably already read all about them. To prepare for the new M1 Pro and Max goodness, we will also get macOS 12 Monterey (and iOS 15.1 and siblings) on next Monday, October 25. Do you feel ready?

I have decided to call the 16″ a “MacBook Pro Max,” just to sow confusion.

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In preparation for the OS releases next week, we got not just one, but two realease candidates. Unfortunately, it does not look like there will be a full installer of either RC, so no final deployment testing workflows. (There is an IPSW for Apple Configurator, so you can test those.)

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  • Rich Trouton: “If you want an Intel processor in your new Mac, here are your options: 21.5 inch iMac, 27 inch iMac, Mac Pro. All other Mac models are now Apple Silicon Macs.” (Mac mini added in a later tweet)
  • Brian Stucki: “FYI: There was one small addition in the macOS SLA for Monterey. (highlighted in the image) It’s especially helpful for those who run virtual machines on their Mac. Thanks!” (Highlighted passage: “run up to two (2) additional copies of the Apple Software, or any prior macOS or OS X operation system software or subsequent release of the Apple Software”)

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