Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2022-06-03

Scheduling my vacation right before WWDC resulted in a big summary. Lots of interesting links that should keep you distracted until the keynote on Monday.

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WWDC is not the only conference that is imminent. The MacAdmins Campfire Sessions have started this week and will continue for the next few weeks!

You may have noticed this newsletter was not sent out at the usual time. I am still traveling and in different time zones. Next week, I should be back in the normal rhythm, jet lag permitting. And we will have all the news from WWDC. Until then!

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  • Rosyna Keller: “When creating a zip file for submission to the notarization service, make sure to use the ditto command line tool, the Finder, or Archive Utility to create the zip file. The zip command line tool is unfriendly to macOS metadata (especially detached code signatures).”

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