Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2022-11-04

Ventura is still the dominating topic in the week after its release. We got more articles from admins on managing the new macOS, but also a few issues are surfacing.

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The other dominating topic in tech this week was the Twitter takeover and how or whether the platform will survive and whether users should hold out or not. I am fairly active on Twitter with my @scriptingosx account and to a lesser degree with my personal @titanonearth account, which is nearly 16 years old. Twitter is a main driver of traffic to my weblog, so I have no plans as of yet to leave the platform. But, I will watch and it is likely I will reduce my engagement, possibly to the point where there will only be links to blogposts.

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And last but not least, there is @scriptingosx@mastodon.social. I’ve had that account for a while already and I can tell that traffic and engagement there has picked up significantly in the last week.

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  • Daniel Jalkut: “In light of everything happening at Twitter, a lot of people are wondering “where to go next”. May I suggest, and I am speaking to myself here too, that you invest in your own blog on your own domain? Own your own content, and share your thoughts independently of dingaling CEOs.”
  • Mr. Macintosh: “MacAdmins asked & Apple listened. The macOS Monterey 12.6.1 M1 IPSW restore file is now available. This is important for 2 reasons: 1) After 11.6/12.6 Apple usually stops creating IPSW’s. 2) Admins can restore M1’s & Ventura can be blocked without updating”

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