macOS Installation for Apple Administrators

The guide for “post-imaging” deployment of macOS High Sierra.

With the introduction of macOS High Sierra Apple and Secure Boot on the iMac Pro has profoundly changed the workflows for installing and deploying macOS on a large scale. In addition new technologies and services like MDM, DEP and VPP need to be configured and used correctly. (more info)

Packaging for Apple Administrators

The essential introduction to using, analysing and building installation package files (pkg) on macOS. (more info)

Property Lists, Preferences and Profiles for Apple Administrators

These three topics seem minor, but can be a major headache for Apple Administrators. Mastering them will make you a better Apple Administrator.
Property Lists are a common configuration file format on macOS and iOS. Learn about the file structure, file formats and the tools and scripting languages that you can use to read and edit Property Lists. (more info)