Twelvetide: 12 Resolutions for Mac Administrators

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

According to Wikipedia ‘Twelvetide’ is another word for the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas.’. I am going to do a Twelvetide feature on this blog. There will , however, be no partridges, doves, milking maids and leaping lords. No golden rings either, sorry.

Instead, I will introduce twelve resolutions for how to become a better Mac Administrator. Not I believe I am the sole authority on this, but these are things that I want to do more, or do better or start doing in the next year. And I thought sharing these and writing them on the weblog might help others. Also, sharing what you do is one of the resolutions.

To go along with the resolutions, I will reduce the price of my book “Packaging for Apple Administrators” by 20% for the Twelvetide (through Jan 6, 2017). Yes, “reading a book” is also a resolution, but it does not have to be mine.

Happy New Year 2017!

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