Twelvetide, Day 1: Read a Book

This is the first part of a twelve-day series on my new year’s resolutions to become a better Mac admin. During these twelve days my book “Packaging for Apple Administrators” is on sale!

Well, yes, I wrote a book and I would be grateful if you bought and read it.

However, there are many other good and useful books for Apple Administrators. First, obviously, the canonical “Managing Apple Devices” by Arek Dryer and Kevin White. (iBooks, Amazon US UK DE) This is the official book that is also used in many macOS management trainings. We are still waiting on the iOS 10/macOS Sierra version, but it is worth it to keep up to date.

The other books I like to recommend are for the command line:

  • “Take Control of the Mac Command Line” by Joe Kissel, iBooks, Amazon US UK DE
  • “Learning Unix for OS X” by Dave Taylor, iBooks, Amazon US UK DE
  • “Classic Shell Scripting” by Arnold Robbins and Nelson H. F. Beebe, iBooks, Amazon US UK DE

I have not read these, but it they are on my reading list:

  • “Enterprise Mac Administrators Guide” by Charles S. Edge Jr. and William Smith, iBooks, Amazon US UK DE
  • “Enterprise Mac Security” by Charles S. Edge Jr. and Daniel O’Donnell, Amazon US UK DE

Books on Computers tend to be on the expensive side, but there are also great free resources online. I started a list, but then stumbled over this one list of free books to rule them all.


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