Another Update for Packaging Book

I pushed another update for “Packaging for Apple Adminstrators.”

Greg Neagle posted an article recently where he describes how he sleuthed a way past an annoying High Sierra bug.

In High Sierra when you add more than one package to a custom NetInstall workflow with System Image Utility or startosinstall all the custom packages will fail.

Greg’s workaround involves adding an identifier and version to each of the distribution packages. It is still an open question why this data is required, but the workaround is easy enough.

I have added a section on how to do this to the “Building Distribution Packages” section of the book. As always: if you have already purchased the book, you can download the update with new content for free in the iBooks application on your Mac, iPad or iPhone. Or go and get the book now!

Rich Trouton also updated his “First Boot Package Install Generator Tool” to provide this data.

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