Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2017-12-01

What a ride this week!?

If you were living under a rock, here is the quick rundown: someone notified AppleSupport on Twitter of a major security hole in High Sierra. You could get root access to a Mac by following a few simple steps at a login pane or window. It also worked remotely. Thankfully the MacAdmin community jumped right onto it and we had a workaround available very quickly. Also a nickname: “IAmRoot” Apple then provided a patch in just about 24 hours… and then another one a few hours later. (The first one broke the Local KDC file, prohibiting file sharing access.)

The patch is being (interestingly) pushed automatically without user interaction to Macs with 10.13.0 and 10.13.1.

Excellent Summary from MacMule

You can (justifiably) make arguments that errors like this are inexcusable. However, they do happen, and I learnt a lot from MacAdmins Slack about the issue, this kind of security and more about how passwords and accounts work. So thanks (once again) to the MacAdmins community for everyone who put their time into this. And also thanks to the Apple engineers involved I can only imagine what a task it must be to push a fix like this within a day.

Because of this, most other news seems to have been swamped, but you should also not miss an updated support article by Apple, where they describe the upcoming ‘User Approved MDM.’

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