Update 1.7 for ‘Packaging for Apple Administrators’

The advantage of self-publishing a digital book is that I can write and make updates. Some people have pointed out typos (thank you!) or had questions or comments about the book.

In some cases a question from a client or a MacAdmin Slack forum member will make me re-visit a section of the book and then add or re-write a paragraph or two.

The really great thing is that when you have already purchased the book, you will get the new improved update for free! And even if you have not bought the book yet, then you can know that when you buy it now, you will keep getting improvements in the future. It’s all just bits and bytes after all.

All of that said, the latest version of my book ‘Packages for Apple Administrators’ is now available on the iBooks Store.

I have fixed many typos and clarified a few sentences and paragraph. I have expanded and clarified the instructions for signing packages. There is also a new segment on the order of installation with distribution packages.

If you have already purchased books, all I ask in return for the free update, is to go to the iBooks Store and leave a review. The iBooks Store segregates reviews by territory, so every single one of them will be very important for other users to find and evaluate the book.

Thank you!

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3 thoughts on “Update 1.7 for ‘Packaging for Apple Administrators’”

  1. Link doesn’t work (error 400) and I can’t find it in the store. Is it available worldwide?

    1. It is available where iBooks are available. (Which are less countries than iTunes or the App Store)

      1. I can buy other books from iBooks but can’t find this one. Perhaps it’s just a location thing 🙂

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