Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-10-06

This newsletter is a bit late. The excuse for this is that I was attending (and speaking at) MacSysAdmin in Gothenburg all week.

Usually I gather the links to the speakers’ notes and slides. But for MacSysAdmin I don’t need to, because the event team has already gathered all those together with the session videos (!) on their website (free registration required, so worth it). The video team would have the session videos on the site within an hour. This puts them at two or three orders of magnitude faster than other conferences.

You can find the link to my session video, slides and links here. But take time to browse and watch the other sessions. MacSysAdmin has a very impressive list of high quality speakers and it is an honor to be among them.

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  • MacDeployment YYC: “Dates for 2019 #MacAdmins & Consultants Conferences announced so far: @macaduk March 26–29 (London) @acesconf June 4–6 (Kansas City) #MacDeploy June 10–11 (Calgary) @MacDevOpsYVR June 12–14 (Vancouver) @psumacconf July 9–12 (State College) #MacSysAdmin Oct. 1–4 (Göteborg)”
  • Keir Thomas:
    “Mojave trick. Cmd+plus or cmd+minus (the two keys left of the backspace key) will shrink or enlarge icons on the desktop, or in icon, list and gallery views of Finder.”
  • Erik Gomez: “In just three hours, we enrolled more macOS devices than I had at my entire last job. …and they had thousands of macs”
  • Chris Espinosa: “On this day 25 years ago, Apple introduced AppleScript, a system and application automation system and language. It’s still shipping in Mojave and is one of the oldest code bases in continual use in macOS. Happy birthday, AppleScript!”

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