Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2019-04-19

The video for my MacADUK Presentation “Modern Deployment Workflows for Business” is online! You can find the link, the slides and the notes on the permanent presenation page. There is also a link to the entire MacADUK 2019 playlist. There are many great presentations worth watching.

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  • Tim Perfitt: “Grab any corner of a window of an app in macOS and drag while holding the option key. The window will expand around the center point. Add in shift (so it is now command-shift) and it expands around the center and keeps the aspect ratio.” (Original tweet wrongly states ‘command’ key instead of the correct ‘option’ key.)
  • Joe Bourne: “Support for OS X Mojave has come to Azure Pipelines hosted agents and it includes Xcode 10.2! If you’re using the ‘Hosted macOS’ pool, your pipelines will already start running on Mojave. YAML customers can use ‘macos–10.14’ for their pool VM Image (Link)”
  • Steve Troughton-Smith: “RIP Dashboard, 2005–2019 You will be missed”
  • Rich Trouton: “If you’re a user of First Boot Package Install, there’s a new version available. Same great functionality, but now it’s signed and notarized!”
  • Thomas Reed: “Think Macs can’t get infected with malware? Or that they only get infected with adware and junk software? Think again. Here’s a story involving supply chain attacks, millions of dollars stolen… and Mac malware.”
  • Tim Perfitt: “Adding Munki server and automatic munki client provisioning into MDS 1.7. Also added MunkiAdmin to the toolbar so you can setup, manage and deploy Macs using MDS + Munki without ever touching the command line.…”

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