Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2019-08-16

Longer summary this week to catch up on the last three weeks of traveling!

The last post celebrating the 100th email resulted in quite a few new subscribers. Welcome!

I posted my speaking and training class schedule for the next few months. It’d be great to meet you somewhere!

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MacAdmins on Twitter

  • Denise Yu: “I illustrated my three favourite binaries”
  • Pepijn Bruienne: “To my surprise we recently updated the Authorization Plugin documentation. Surprise because it’s not seen a lot of change in recent times, but you get TWO new callbacks, RemoveHintValue and RemoveContextValue!”
  • Mr. Macintosh: “2019–004 for High Sierra 10.13, Sierra 10.12 and BridgeOS have been re released! I will update the main article and reply to this post when I have the new build numbers.”
  • Rosyna Keller: “The updated Hardened Runtime docs are out! The overview includes more information on how to enable it in Xcode and explains that the hardened runtime is designed to stop certain classes of exploits.” (Thread)
  • Phil Stokes: “Thanks to @SentinelOne @patrickwardle, my free ebook of How To Reverse macOS Malware is now available. Learn to set up a safe Mac test lab, find malware samples, static + dynamic analysis. eBook is free; tools you need are free.”
  • Ronald Oussoren: “The version 6 branch of PyObjC has finally caught up with the current beta: tests pass in macOS 10.15 beta 5 with Python 3.8b3, including bindings for all new frameworks.”
  • Edward Marczak: “Support local meetups! Particularly in tech: we need more discussion between disparate teams. There’s undoubtedly a meetup near you that matches your style. Support can mean presenting, but also just showing up. Without you, these gatherings go away. With you, they get stronger.”

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  • Timo Elliott: “How to evaluate your existing enterprise infrastructure…” (click for cartoon)
  • Ed Marczak: “We have a long way to go in exploring this medium. ” (read linked thread)


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