Autumn 2019 Schedule

As I am emerging from vacation, I made an overview of my agenda for the next few months and realized there are quite a few public events. It might be useful to share my public agenda. If you are coming to any of these events, I’d be really happy to meet you!

Sep 6: Moving to zsh Class

Half-day class covering zsh on macOS. We will cover:

  • why Apple is switching the default shell
  • how this affects you and your users
  • how to configure zsh to increase your Terminal productivity
  • how to transfer your bash configuration
  • scripting zsh

The class will be held in the Pro Warehouse training room in Amsterdam on Sep 6, 10:00–14:00. You can sign up at the Pro warehouse page.

You can combine this training with the next event.

Sep 6: Dutch MacAdmins Meeting/Pro Academy Opening

We are celebrating the opening of the Pro Academy by hosting the Dutch MacAdmins meeting. Participation is free. Among many other presentations I will show how (and why) to build a command line tool in Swift.

Presentations will be (mostly) in English, so the event is suitable for international guests. Participation is free and you can sign up on Eventbrite.

Oct 1–4: MacSysAdmin Gothenburg

I am really excited about presenting at MacSysAdmin again. My topic is “Moving to zsh,” where I will discuss the changes (not just the changed shell) in Catalina and what they mean for MacAdmins.

There are still a few tickets available, but this conference usually fills up. So don’t delay and go register if you haven’t done so yet!

Oct 30–31: Scripting macOS Class

This is our ‘entry to scripting’ class, where we teach the basics of shell scripting. This will be the second time we are teaching this class and it will be updated for Catalina. Most of the examples used to teach scripting come from real administrator workflows.

This is a two day class held in the Pro Warehouse training room in Amsterdam on October 30 and 31. You can sign up at the Pro warehouse page.

Nov 12–14: JamfNation User Conference

I am not going to JNUC myself, but my co-worker and director Mischa van der Bent is. He will be presenting on “Offboarding in a Modern Deployment Workflow”, a topic which will include, among many other things, our Erase&Install application.

Book Updates

I am working on updates with Catalina content for all three books. They should be published around the Catalina release date, maybe a little later.

As always, if you have already purchased one of my book, the update will be free in the Apple Books application on your iOS device or Mac. There is no need to wait for the update if you are interested now. Purchase now and get the update when it is ready!

I am also working on new books. I had been working on some interesting content, but the experiences from the scripting classes and the Catalina announcements have made me take a step back and re-evaluate the plans and progress so far. Re-writing will be necessary before I am happy enough to publish.

From the topics in all the events above, you should be able to deduce at least one of the topics, though.

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