Download a full ‘Install macOS’ app with softwareupdate in Catalina

Catalina is out! While you are preparing for your upgrade, here’s a nice new feature for MacAdmins:

The softwareupdate command has gained a new option in Catalina:

% softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer

Will download the latest ‘Install macOS’ application to this Mac’s /Applications folder. This is extremely useful for many admin tasks.

The --fetch-full-installer flag has a sub-flag: --full-installer-version which allows you to download a specific version.

% softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer --full-installer-version 10.14.6

During my testing in the Catalina beta version I was able to download 10.15, 10.14.6, 10.14.5, and 10.13.6. I was not able to test if 10.13.6 would download the hardware specific build of 10.13.6 for the 2018 MacBook Pro, since I do not have that hardware.

I would assume that downloading an Installer application for a macOS version that is not supported on the hardware you are running the command on would fail. (Again I did not have such hardware available for testing.)

So far the only way to download the macOS Installer in some automated fashion was using Greg Neagle’s script. That script still has some abilities that do not seem to be available to the softwareupdate command, but it is good to see Apple accepting the need for this kind of workflow.

4 thoughts on “Download a full ‘Install macOS’ app with softwareupdate in Catalina”

  1. I’ve done some tests with a MacBook Pro 13″ 2018, and a MacBook Air 13″ 2013.
    On the MPB2018 I’m unable to download the 10.13.6 installer, fails with error: update not found.
    Since it was running a custom fork of 10.13.6, it might not actually be an officially supported model for 10.13?

    On the MBA2013, 10.13.6 downloads without issue. I can’t go any lower though, so it seems this way of downloading macOS is limited to downloading the currently supported versions only.
    This kind of makes sense but is still annoying when you need an installer for an older machine.

    Still, big improvement over Mojave’s inability to download anything other but Mojave through the app store (AFAIK).

  2. It’s interesting what version it chooses to download if you don’t specify one. It said it was “Downloading and installing (null) installer“. OK, not great programming on Apple’s part there. Anyway, I’m running 10.15.1 beta 2 on my MacBook, but the command chose to download the Mojave installer to my apps folder. Weird. Then I tried specifying 10.15.0, and was told “Install failed with error: update not found“. So this seems like a promising new command in Catalina, but one that needs a few bugs ironed out.

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