EraseInstall Update 1.2.1

Just a “minor” update. The EraseInstall app now shows the progress that the startosinstall command gives in the command line. This also should help with some better error reporting when the startosinstall command errors out.

I say “minor” but small UI change required some major rewiring underneath. It also required us to dive deeper into how shell commands are executed from Swift than we wanted to.

We have also tested this version to work with macOS Catalina which was released yesterday.

We have more “major” features planned for the future!

You can download the latest EraseInstall Installer and Code here!

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2 thoughts on “EraseInstall Update 1.2.1”

  1. Great tool. but would it be possible to add a function to download the latest macOS installer then complete the EraseInstall command?

    1. possible? Yes. We chose not to add this option, because in our deployments we often wanted more control over the macOS version that gets re-installed than just ‘latest’. Also we want to avoid the long delay the download requires and pre-installed the installer application.

      There are many strategies to pre-download the installer application with your management system.

      (Not saying we are never going to do this, especially with `software update –fetch-full-installer` now available on Catalina. But up to know it has not been high on our priority list.)

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