Packaging Book Update: v1.10

I have updated my book “Packaging for Apple Administrators”!

It contains lots of fixes, some new parts and updates with regards to macOS Catalina.

This book is now nearly three years old and if you bought it at the very beginning you have gotten eight updates for free!

(Historic sidenote: v1.1 was just a quick fix to remove some placeholder text, so that was the first version on the iBooks Store.)

If you have already purchased the book, you can go to Apple Books application on your Mac and choose ‘Check for available Downloads…’ from the ‘Store’ menu. In iOS tap on your iCloud account icon next to ‘Reading Now’ and then choose ‘Updates.’

Changes in this version (you can also find this in the book in the ‘Version History’ section):

  • added a note on the spkg command line tool for Suspicious Package
  • updated the list of Considerations for Installation Scripts with regards to packages used in Recovery and zsh
  • updated script code across various scripts to match my updated coding standards
  • added a note on zsh in About this Book
  • changed the sample script in the Payload-Free Packages section to enable Screen Sharing instead of SSH because of changes in macOS Catalina security
  • added information on Notarization to Packages and Gatekeeper
  • added a note on the new Catalina read-only system volume in Testing the Package
  • fixed some mis-spellings and inconsistencies
  • fixed some broken links in Recommended Reading
  • changed to new ‘Apple Books’ nomenclature
  • fixed a dead link in ‘Installation Scripts’

Go get it in the Books store!

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3 thoughts on “Packaging Book Update: v1.10”

  1. Hello,
    I really want to buy this book, but I find that it’s only available on US Books store. I’m from China. All of my credit cards and PayPal account cannot be used for purchase on US store, even though I have a US Apple ID. Is there any other way to buy this book? Thanks!

    1. Hi, thank you for your interest. The book will publish on all the regions of the Apple Books Store I can self-publish to. After it is published I will take a look at how I can get it into other store to cover some of the missing regions.

      Until then I can only recommend getting a US Apple ID and a US iTunes/AppleStore Gift card.

      1. Thank a lot! I already bought it using a iTunes Gift card. 🙂

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