New Book: Moving to zsh

You might have seen this coming. My next book will be called “Moving to zsh” and will cover the new default shell on macOS and how to switch to it from bash.

It is based on the series of blog posts that I posted from June through August, but reworked and expanded with more detail and more topics. Like my other books, I plan to update and add to it after release as well, keeping it relevant and useful.

The book is progressing nicely, but not yet ready. I have put it up for pre-order on the Apple Books Store.

There is a lot of interest on the topic since the release of Catalina and I wanted to let everyone know, that after the blog series, a hands-on training class, and my presentation at MacSysAdmin, I still have more to add to the topic. I set the expected release date to December 31, 2019. “Before the end of the year.” (Like the Mac Pro.) I have hope that it will be done sooner than that, but we will see.

When I have more information, you will, as always, read about it here.

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3 thoughts on “New Book: Moving to zsh”

  1. Ordered.

    I manage half a dozen big linux servers and have been wondering if it would be good to move to zsh on them, too. I’m hoping you will cover some Linux issues in the book.


  2. Guten tag, wie geht’s dir?
    Will you have a printed format of your books on Amazon?

    1. Printed? Probably not. Once I have the release on Apple Books sorted out I will explore other release channels, but cannot give a timeline or make any promises.

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