Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2019-11-08

Another week, … yes, really… another update. iOS 13.2.2 dropped last night. At this rate, I am surprised there is no Catalina 10.15.1 Supplemental update yet. Maybe next week. We did also get new betas for all the next updates.

In other news, Adobe is finally shipping Photoshop for iPad, and announced Lightroom and Illustrator for the future. I will leave the discussion if this is really a “full” Photoshop or not to others. But I will point out, that this is yet another “Pro” application that is now available on iPad. There are still plenty of reasons or excuses to have a Mac over an iPad, but they are dwindling.

Progress update: I got a lot of work done on my new book “Moving to zsh.” I had set the delivery date to Dec 31, because the Books Store interface required me to enter a date, but I am quite confident now that I will beat that.

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