Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2019-11-15

Hard to believe, but Apple software updates this week (except for new beta releases). Instead we got a new MacBook Pro! (And yes, it has a new keyboard—I really hope we can put this behind us now…)

Also Jamf Nation User Conference in Minneapolis! Hope everyone had a great time and safe travels home!

Progress update: my new book “Moving to zsh.” has been sent to the proof readers!

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  • Timo Perfitt: “In prep for the MDS 2 release, I created some new videos and postings for the new MDM service in MDS.” (Thread)
  • Patrick Fergus: “If anyone was using a CLI uninstall of an Adobe product, the path to Setup changed, assumedly with CCDA 5”
  • Rosyna Keller: “Some fun new stuff with altool 4.0 (Xcode 11.x) is now available.” (Thread)

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