Book Update – Moving to zsh v2

I have pushed an update for the “Moving to zsh” book.

The book is barely two weeks out but I had a few more things to add. The nice thing about self-published digital books is that they can updated quickly and often. I expect more updates over time as I continue to learn more about the subject.

As usual, the update is free when you already own the book.

If you have already purchased the book, you can go to Apple Books application on your Mac and choose ‘Check for available Downloads…’ from the ‘Store’ menu. I have seen the Mac Books app be really slow (or even completely blind) in picking up updates, you can accelerate the process by removing the local download and re-downloading the book. In iOS tap on your iCloud account icon next to ‘Reading Now’ and then choose ‘Updates.’

If you have not yet purchased the book, go get it on Apple Books!

The changes are listed here, but you can also them in the ‘Version History’ section in the book. There it links to the relevant section of the book, so you can find the changes quickly.

  • Learnt about is-at-least and updated ‘Sharing across macOS and zsh versions,’ accordingly
  • Added a section on zmv
  • Added a note to keep changes to the PATH variable up-to-date across multiple shells
  • More feedback from proof readers. (Thank you!)

If yo have read and enjoyed the book, please leave a review on the Apple Books store!

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