Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2019-12-06

The days are getting shorter and darker… At least here in the northern hemisphere, the readers south of the equator can please stop gloating. Still no sign of the Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR, which were promised “Fall 2019.” Apple has done this before, when they released the iMac Pro in the last business week of 2017.

The beta 4 for iOS 13.3 just dropped. I get the feeling it’ll be another few frantic weeks at Apple before the end of the year!

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  • Tim Sutton: “Til brew-cask has a --no-quarantine flag; especially helpful if are weird like me and sometimes use it to install binaries that aren’t notarized: brew cask install jtool --no-quarantine
  • Greg Neagle: “Last call for testers! Munki 4 is likely to be released next week. Test the current beta in your environment and file issues!”
  • Jamf: “ICYMI, the Jamf Online Training Catalog is now open to all Jamf customers! With over 100 modules and 15 series of content, the catalog is structured to help you learn about JamfPro, JamfConnect or JamfSchool anytime and anywhere. Jamf Online Training
  • Kyle Crawford: “Did you know that user-approving kexts on Catalina requires admin rights?!!”
  • Patrick Fergus: “Adobe Customer Feedback survey for IT Admins Link

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