Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2019-12-20

We are close to completing another trip around the sun. Whether you use the solstice (Dec 22) or the Perihelion (Jan 5) or the quaint Gregorian Calendar which switches on Dec 31.

(Dates are for UTC. The exact astronomical event may be it may be a Dec 4 or Jan 4 at your location, depending on your time zone.)

You’d think that Apple would take an early break after the Mac Pro release, but we got new and updated security documentation. Together with the new deployment and MDM documentation updated last week.

Because of the holidays, this newsletter will be taking a break as well. The next one should be on Jan 10, 2020, summarizing everything that happened in the mean time.

I wish you Happy Holidays and all the best for the new Year 2020!

See you next year!

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This is a good summary, but I find the continued expectation that Apple has to keep delivering “Blockbuster” devices quite tiresome. Who else is has delivered blockbuster devices? Also, the statement implies that the iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods (all introduced since 2010) aren’t blockbusters?

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  • Jean-David Gadina: “You can keep SIP but allow debugging (including instruments) with csrutil enable --without debug --without dtrace
  • Russ Bishop: “TIL: 3rd party kext tries to inject macOS dylib into all processes, breaks downloaded simulators. Surprise! Simulator binaries can’t load mac dylibs. So far that’s four unique ways I’ve seen badly made kernel extensions break simulators. All are ”security“ products.”

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