Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2020-09-25

If you thought that the week after the iOS 14 release would be a quiet week, you would have been wrong.

We got updates for the Keynote, Pages, Numbers, and iMovie, the first bug fix updates for iOS 14 and siblings, macOS Big Sur beta8 and, quite surprisingly: 10.15.7.

It makes you wonder why this update got the 10.15.7 and not “yet another Supplemental Update,” but this is a very welcome change. Many thanks to Mr Macintosh and Howard Oakley for covering the updates so well.

Virtual JNUC 2020 is next week! (September 29 through October 1). My session will be on “Scripting Jamf Pro: Best Practices” on Oct 1 at 11am CDT (18:00 Central European). There will be a live Q&A during and after the session. You can still register for free.

The MacSysAdmin Online will be later in October. Participation will be free, but you can support the team by buying the MacSysAdmin Online T-Shirt, which will also enroll you in an exclusive giveaway raffle.

And just in this week, the “EveryWorld” conference will be online from November 25 to 27. There is a call for participation.

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  • Steve Hayman: “Well that’s easy.” (Read the thread for some Hayman scripting wisdom.)
  • Carl Ashley: “The elephant in the room: Keeping up to date with OS/app releases isn’t always important. Sometimes, being able to get s**t done with something that works is more important.” (Thread)
  • William Smith: “Next month, support for Microsoft Office for Mac changes in two ways: 1. With the release of Big Sur, only these N–2 versions are supported: macOS Big Sur macOS Catalina macOS Mojave 2. Office 2016 for Mac is end-of-lifed. Updates end. Support ends. KB docs begin retiring.”
  • mikey: “TIL there’s an osascript cache at ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.osascript/Cache.db
  • Carl Ashley: “Why is it, that in 2020, after many years of having MDM available, are we still not yet able to specify values to pass on to Setup Assistant, or even values for the settings that Setup Assistant sets that we can use in normal profile payloads?” (Thread)

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