Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2020-09-18

Update season has started. After the event on Tuesday, where Apple announced new Watches and iPads, iOS 14 shipped on Wednesday, giving developers and admins less than 24 hours advance warning and probably the shortest lived GM ever.

We also got macOS Big Sur beta 7 and new betas for iOS 14.2 and siblings.

The future releases of hardware and software this year should remain interesting. I expect at least two more events like this, one focussing on the new iPhones and the other for a new Apple Silicon Mac (or more). I would also guess that we will get the “missing” iOS 14.1 with the new iPhones, and 14.2 shortly after.

The reason this newsletter is a bit later than usual, is that I was finishing recording and editing my presentation for MacSysAdmin Online to submit it today, just in time for the deadline. This is the second presentation for a major MacAdmin conference that I recorded and finished this month. It feels strange that neither of these presentations will be streamed until October, but I am very much looking forward to when you get to see them and all the other presentations from both conferences.

Virtual JNUC 2020 is happening September 29 through October 1. My session will be on “Scripting Jamf Pro: Best Practices” on Oct 1 at 11am CDT (18:00 Central European). There will be a live Q&A during and after the session. You can still register for free.

The MacSysAdmin Online will be later in October. Participation will be free, but you can support the team by buying the MacSysAdmin Online T-Shirt, which will also enroll you in an exclusive giveaway raffle.

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  • Mr. Macintosh: “I’m hearing that the Jamf Pro 10.24 beta Big Sur fixes are in 10.24.1. Official support will be listed in the patch notes of 10.25 (not sure on 10.25 version numbering). 10.24.1 = Big Sur compatible. 10.25 = Big Sur official supported version.”
  • Andreas Schenk: “Using an iPad as an additional screen for macOS with sidecar seems to still deliver notifications from iPadOS, even if macOS is in DND mode. So if you happen to run a presentation using sidecar, first set the iPad to do not disturb, then use sidecar.”

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