Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2020-09-11

Apple has announced an event next week September 15, 10am PDT. They have seeded many people in the press and on social media with the information that there will be no iPhones at this event. Expectations are for a new watch and iPad Air.

A new watch will likely require watchOS 7, which will require iOS 14, so the Apple systems upgrade season will start soon after this event. If previous years can be used to extrapolate (not at all certain this year) the iOS system upgrades could be available Friday, September 18 or September 25.

I am not concerned at all about no iPhones or Macs at this event. These will probably be remote, pre-recorded events like they did at WWDC. Apple can easily do multiple of these events until well into October, giving every product full attention.

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  • Arek Dreyer: “On your Mac, you can Option-Click the Notification Center icon to toggle Do Not Disturb.”
  • Arek Dreyer: “A bunch of Apple Reference and User Guide pages now have a ”Search the user guide” field, nice!”
  • Nathaniel Strauss: “Still true in Big Sur beta 6. Apple privacy/security team won a stupid fight… and everyone else lost. PPPC is needlessly confusing for most people. Schools won’t use Big Sur for at least 4–6 months after release. What a mess.” (More info from Michael Tsai)
  • Corey Quinn: “Myth: Companies are accelerating their cloud migrations due to COVID19. Fact: Companies are suddenly making better decisions since their executives aren’t being exposed to enterprise software ads in airports.”

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