Scripting OS X — Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2020-11-27

Much quieter week after the last two newsletters were loaded with many posts on Big Sur and the Apple silicon Macs. This week is Thanksgiving week in the US and many companies, including Apple, close offices for this holiday.

So, whether you are currently in a food-induced stupor, getting ready for some Black Friday shopping, or you are merely enjoying the peace and quiet because the Americans are distracted for a few days: Happy Thanksgiving!

At Thanksgving, it is traditional to state what you are grateful for. I am very grateful for all the readers. And also, for all the people who share their knowledge and experiences in posts and articles, so that I have intersting links to share!

Thank you, all! Stay Safe.

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  • Hannes Juutilainen: “When you don’t know if you should write your log file into /Library/Logs or /var/log, you should definitely create a third dir and call it /var/logs
  • William Smith:
    “Today, JamfSoftware releases Jamf Pro 10.26. My favorite new feature is a revamped Application & Custom Settings payload for macOS Configuration Profiles. It now supports editable plists within the GUI! And it makes uploaded plists editable too.”

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