Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2020-12-04

Many interesting posts this week that go in depth on Big Sur and Apple silicon topics.

We also got an announcement that you can new “rent” an Apple Mac mini from Amazon EC2. While this seems to be a fairly expensive choice, it should enable some really interesting solutions. When you need a less expensive solution for this, remember there is MacStadium.

We also got new betas for iOS 14.3 (and siblings) as well as macOS 11.1.

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  • Tim Perfitt: “So I have two 2020 MacBooks Airs, one intel and one M1. Trying to find a consistent way to install Big Sur on them. it has proven to be surprisingly difficult for both of them for different reasons.”
  • Jason Broccardo: “Pro Tip: If Do Not Disturb is enabled on Big Sur, the Menu Bar clock is dimmed. If you’d rather not drive yourself nuts trying to figure out why the clock is dimmed, turn off DND”
  • Wil Shipley: “Dear Apple security team: Please explain what we should tell our customers when they want to revert to a Time Machine backup for a sandboxed shoebox app.” (Thread)

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