Scripting OS X — Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2020-12-11

You might think that things are starting to quiet down as the holidays are approaching. But we got a “last minute before christmas” announcement from Apple: new over-ear headphones called AirPods Max.

Hidden in the announcement, you can see that the new AirPods Max require iOS 14.3 (and siblings) or macOS Big Sur 11.1. Sure enough, a few hours later iOS 14.3 Release Candidate (and siblings) was released to the beta channels, followed yesterday by macOS Big Sur 11.1 Release Candidate. The headphones will start shipping next week, so we can expect the updates to be released next week as well.

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  • Carl Ashley: “I don’t know if other macadmins knew this, but in macOS Big Sur, you can enable the SecureToken for an MDM created admin account by changing the password for that account as long as no other account has logged in first. It works in pre/postinstall scripts in packages too.”
  • Eric Holtam: “Password change isn’t even necessary. Any auth works. I use dscl . -authonly [username] [password] very early on to enable the ST on an admin account to escrow the BootstrapToken.”
  • Jason Meller: “I’ve been deeply disappointed by the state of endpoint security & mgmt. The industry has chosen a path where end-users are considered obstacles and their privacy is irrelevant. Today, Kolide is publishing a different vision. It’s called honestsecurity.” (Thread, Link)
  • Tim Perfitt: “That was easy. Signing Manager is totally made for EC2 Mac instances. Took about 2 minutes to set up. No private keys in the cloud. Used codesign to sign an app using our CTK extension connected to a remote API for signing operations.” (Thread, Image)

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