Update: desktoppr v0.4

I have posted an update for desktoppr. You can download it from the repository’s releases page.

This update adds no features. It does provide support for the Apple silicon Macs with a Univeral binary and installer pkg.

In my initial testing desktoppr v0.3 worked fine on Apple Silicon Macs even without re-compiling, so I didn’t feel pressure to build and provide a universal binary.

However, since then I have learned that the package installation might trigger Rosetta installation and fail if there is no UI at that point. Also, managing the Desktop picture might happen very early in your deployment workflow, so Rosetta might not be available at that time yet.

Either way, having a universal binary and a properly configured installer pkg will be helpful in either case. If you have to support Apple silicon Macs, be sure to use desktoppr v0.4.

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2 thoughts on “Update: desktoppr v0.4”

  1. Hi, I love your desktop app, and have even randomised corporate images for new computers, question though, is there a way to pre populate the random image for external displays that have never been connected??

    1. I have no way to test this right now, but I believe new, never-connected displays pick up the settings from the primary display. If you want the new external display to have different settings, you will have to wait until it connected…

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