Scripting OS X — Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-04-09

Another week and no update from Apple. We did get another round of betas (beta7, 20E5229a) for macOS, iOS and siblings.

But we did get an announcement of Apple Tiles… no, wait… third party support for “Find My…” tracking. Apple’s plan to keep releasing something every week continues.

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  • Tim Perfitt: “MDS 4 is coming along. The current build adds a fancy new button.” (Thread)
  • Joel Rennich: “It’s Wednesday… so that means more fun with Single Sign On Extensions! This time we’re doing a bit of an “off-label” use of the SSOE and making it authoritative for a ZTNA service instead of an IdP which lets Xcode use modern auth directly for repos.” (Thread)
  • Kelsey Hightower: “Software isn’t enterprise ready until it has a “contact sales” pricing tier.”

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  • James Thomson: “This isn’t necessarily pretty, but it does work! You can roll dice from an AppleScript, check if they are still rolling, and get the final result. All in a UIKit-based Catalyst app.”

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