Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-07-23

Apple realeased iOS 14.7, with watchOS and tvOS updates as well. Later in the week, on Wednesday we got macOS 11.5 and iPadOS 14.7. iOS 14.7 brings support for the new battery pack. For MacAdmins, macOS 11.5 finally delivers an option to lock booting to Recovery and a device lock for Apple Silicon Macs.

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Bypassing macOS TCC User Privacy Protections By Accident and Design

For Mac Admins, TCC presents a host of challenges. Keeping users and admins productive can unexpectedly lead to undermining these protections. Learn about TCC ‘gotchas’, known bypasses and how to stay safe.

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Anthony Reimer wrote a greate piece called “Recognition, Retirement, and Remembrance” which resonated with many other admins.

When I started out the news letter, the goal was to feature the work that so many people in the Apple Administrator community publish on their weblogs, social media, YouTube, podcasts, and open source repositories. It is really hard to keep track of everything that is going on when you are not a news junkie.

I love when people ping me on Slack to point out an interesting post (please keep them coming). I love it even more when someone sends me their first post on a new blog or their first post in a long time. (Congratulations!)

This discussion has made me even more aware of this role. When I curate the list of links I gathered over the week, I have always tried to be more inclusive, especially on the blog posts.

I have been working most of my professional career in or at least adjacent to the MacAdmin community. I have no comparison how this works in other professional communities. But this willingness to communicate and share, this notion of being in this together feels special.

This news letter would not exist without all you people willing to share their knowledge, experiences, and, yes, frustrations. You take time out of your work and volunteer it to the community, so that all our work, lives, and experiences become just a bit easier.

Thank you!

This news letter is going on vacation break! The next one will be sent out on August 27, 2021, with all the things that happened in the mean time.

So you still have something to read, I have scheduled a series of posts to be published on my website every week until I get back. The series is an excerpt from the first chapter of my upcoming book “Scripting macOS.” The first part is up already, I hope you like it!

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macOS and iOS Updates

Note: I am linking to the US support pages, as the updates may not have been published to all localized pages yet.


MacAdmins on Twitter

  • Sören: “Want old-style proxy icons and a bigger grabbable title bar back? defaults write http://com.apple.finder NSWindowSupportsAutomaticInlineTitle -bool false and killall Finder!”
  • mikeymikey: “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but shift option double click on the corner of a window makes it fill the whole screen top to bottom and left to right without going fullscreen app (or triggering “zoom”, which never does what I want).”
  • Anthony Reimer: “You don’t need Shift from my experiments today. Double-click any window edge: window expands in that direction as far as possible. Double-click any window corner: window expands in 2 directions. Add Option key when double-clicking: opposite side(s) of window also expands.”

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