Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-09-17

So, we got a surprise update this week. macOS 11.6 and iOS 14.8 and despite the version numbers it does look as if they are “merely” security updates. They patch fairly serious vulnerabilities and there seem to be no other fixes or features, but the version numbering seems odd for a security update.

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Even worse, there was no full installer, even after waiting a day or so. At first the communication from Apple was that there would be no full installer. This is problematic because the full installer is the best or only way to automate updates on Big Sur. Surprisingly, that message changed, “due to overwhelming feedback.” So great job on the feedback, everyone! (And keep providing it through all your available channels.)

Also in security, a malware-laden version of iTerm2 appeared this week. Apple has since revoked the certificate in question and most Malware tools should recognize it. This is a reminder that it can be fairly easy to be tricked into installing something malevolent.

Oh, and yes, there was an Apple Event with new iPhones, Watch, and iPads. Is it weird that the new iPad mini excites me most!?

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  • Darren Wallace: “TIL if you have two Jamf Pro instances linked to the same Intune instance, and enrol a device fully via Jamf Pro ‘A’ you need to trash the computer record in Jamf Pro ‘A’ before you can register the device in Intune properly through Jamf Pro ‘B'”
  • Peter Bukowinski: “Working in a remote shell with a tool that writes binary files (e.g. tcpdump) and don’t have an easy way to transfer files locally? bzip2 -9 filename; base64 filename.bz2 Copy the resulting text. Then in a local shell, echo "[PASTED_TEXT]" | base64 -d > filename.bz2
  • Howard Oakley: “Also worth noting that, among others, SMB is updated from 3.6 to 3.6.1. How significant that might be is something Apple doesn’t seem to want to explain.”
  • Felipe Baez: “If you try installing an application that requires Rosetta on a M1 Mac, make sure you’re online otherwise you’ll get a very deceiving message from Apple. They should definitely rephrase that error.” (Image)
  • John Opdenakker: “The plural of regex is regrets.” (via Andrew Laurence)
  • Derek Parker: “I once read a tweet which explained tar commands in the form of two mnemonics: Need to untar? -xzf— “extract ze files” Need to tar? -czf— “compress ze files” And I think about it every single time I use tar. Wish I knew who to attribute this to, but it’s really great.”

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