Installomator v8.0

We have published an update for Installomator. It is now at version 8.0 and has over 360 labels!

There were some bugs in the script that could make the script stall the Jamf agent, which prevented the client from checking back in with the Jamf server. This might affect other management systems as well. Please test behavior with the new version and report any issues that might remain.

The changes in detail:

  • removed leading 0 from the version because it has lost all meaning (thanks to @grahampugh for the inspiration)
  • Installomator now detects when an app is already installed, and will display notifications correctly the user based on if the app was updated or installed for the first time.
  • New variables for labels that should be installed using CLI: CLIInstaller and CLIArguments. When the installer app is named differently than the installed app, then the variable installerTool should be used to name the app that should be located in the DMG or zip. See the label adobecreativeclouddesktop to see its use.
  • has been improved to build GitHub software labels much easier. In essense if the URL contains, then it will try to find if it’s the latest version or if variable archiveName is needed for finding the software. Also improved messaging throughout the script, as well as handling a situation where a pkg does not include a “Distribution” file, but a “PackageInfo”.
  • MDM script extended with caffeinate so Mac will not go to sleep during the time it takes installomator to run. Especially during setup, this can be useful.
  • Microsoft labels with updateTool variable, is updated to run msupdate --list before running the updateTool directly. Problems have been reported that the update would fail if the --list parameter for the command was not run first. This should help with the Jamf agent stalling during installation.
  • Added bunch of new labels (for a total of 364), and improved others

Most of the work for v8 was done by Søren Theilgaard, but we had many, many contributions from the community! Thanks to everyone!

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